We offer electrical and manual facial treatments, check our procedures below and see what benefits you the most!

The exclusive treatments at Guinot are tailored to every skin type and will leave your face looking more beautiful.Guinot has taken advantage of the latest scientific discoveries to develop patented treatment methods that visibly rejuvenate the skin, offering a real alternative to cosmetic surgery.
As a treatment led brand,Guinot leads the way with the award winning Hydraderm Cellular Energy Machine. Our salon is able to offer this most uptodate machine and by applying a combination of dual ionisation and thermal currents, product ingredients are permeated deeper into the skin for undisputable results. At Guinot, research and development is paramout as science is the driving force behind this French brand. The manufacturing of all products are carried out with the highest standard of pharmaceutical accuracy and diligence. So much so, that Guinot laboratories are one of the few cosmetics manufacturing establishments in the world to have been certified by the international certification group Bureau Veritas,ISO 22716 and ISO 14001.
The active ingredients that are incorporated in the Guinot formulas are sourced from renewable plants and preserved without parabens. With tests in the laboratory carried out on human skin cells only,never tested on animals.
The professional products used within the treatments are twice the strength of ingredients than the maintenance at home skincare products for optimum results.

Manual Facial Treatments

Age Summum 60 minutes £75
The Pinnacle of anti-ageing treatments,this facial is enriched with highly concentrated Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and Pro Collagen to firm facial tissue,combating skin slackening. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin using the Age Summum anti-ageing facial massage. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and a youthful radiance is restored.
Ultimate pamper - treat your feet or hands with a mask and heated booties or mitts during your facial for £10.

Lift Summum 60 minutes £75
A firming and lifting manual treatment that immediately reduces signs of fatigue and ageing,focusing on the face,neck and décolleté. As part of the facial, the unique stimulating massage visibly lifts and firms while the active ingredients Collagen XVIII helps improve elasticity. The Anti wrinkle eraser helps improve the appearance of wrinkles,whilst the unique specific face and décolleté masks restore a youthful appearance.
Ultimate pamper - treat your feet or hands with a mask and heated booties or mitts during your facial for £10.

Hydra Peeling 60 minutes £60
PATCH TEST REQUIRED MINIMUM 24hrs PRIOR if first time at the salon or lapsed 12 months Please note: Cannot have this treatment if recently had an acid peel or similar.
The ideal skin renewal treatment, the Hydra Peel facial reduces the signs of ageing, improves the complexion and reduces darkspots. A bone fide treatment alternative to aesthetic medicine,offering visible results and radiance after just one treatment. Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHA's) work down to the PH level of 1.5 as larger molecules than AHA's, so even more effective.

Hydra Peeling Sensitive 60 minutes £60
An alternative to the Hydra Peeling treatment for a more sensitive skin, instead of using an acid a mechanical peeling product is used, still ensuring exceptional results.

Detoxygene 60 minutes £55
An Oxygenating treatment, effectively removing pollution particles and daily toxins from the skin. Ideal for skin that has been exposed to atmosperic pollution,unable to breathe in confined environments or has a stressful and fast paced lifestyle,smokers etc. Featuring three stages, a renewing exfoliator,detoxifying mask and reoxygentaing massage using powerful ingredients.

Electrical Facials Treatments

Hydradermie Youth 60 minutes £70
Achieve immediate,spectacular results with Guinot's signature treatment,created as the alternative to aesthetic medicine.Using the Hydraderm Celluar Energy machine, incorporating dynamic ionisation and thermal energy, this patented technology is designed to boost the skin's cellular energy to enhance and rejuvenate the complexion. This age-defying treatment offers eight bespoke variations, depending on skin type and beauty concerns, allowing you to achieve exceptional,visible and clinically proven results after just one treatment. A more youthful apperance is acheived.
Ultimate pamper - treat your feet or hands with a mask and heated booties or mitts during your facial for £10.

Hydradermie Youth Age Logic 75 minutes £85
A treatment for more mature skins, designed to target the advanced signs of ageing and puts extra focus on the eye contour,neck,decollete, for an all-compassing age defying result. Wrinkles will be visibly reduced and the skin will feel renewed.
Ultimate pamper - treat your feet or hands with a mask and heated booties or mitts during your facial for £10.

Hydradermie Lift 60 minutes £7
This effective 'Instant Lift' treatment offers an alternative to aesthetic medicine. Stimulating the facial muscles using a low micro current, producing a toning action and invigorates the muscle fibers in the skin for a smoother,firmer and more youthful lifted appearance to the complexion. Includes cleanse,exfoliation,lymphatic drainage,muscle stimulation,mask and massage.Just like taking your facial muscles to the gym.

Hydradermie Lift Express 40 minutes £55
For those in a hurry and need quick results, this treatment includes cleansing,exfoliation,lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation, restoring a youthful tone to the complexion.

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe 105 minutes £95
The ultimate lifting treatment, a combination of the Hydradermie Age Logic and the Hydradermie Lift. Dynamic Ionisation,Drainage,Muscle stimulation,Thermic energy,Serum application,massage and mask.

Eye Lift 40 minutes £50
Targeting the signs of ageing and tiredness around the eye area. Working on fine lines, wrinkles,puffiness and dark circles. A combination of eye massage techniques and muscle stimulation using microcurrent, works to visibly lift,tone,aid drainage and boost microcirculation. Includes an intensive eye mask infused with active ingredients, leaves the eyes looking more radiant and youthful.

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